Abigail Ashe
Abigail Ash
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Appearances First Appearance : IX.
Portrayed by Meganne Young

Abigail Ashe is the daughter of Lord Peter Ashe, Governor of the Province of Carolina.

Biography Edit

Abigail Ashe is captured aboard the Good Fortune, en route to Charles Town, Province of Carolina, from England by Ned Low. Low is later killed by Charles Vane, who in turn intends to ransom her in exchange for £250,000.

When Flint learns she is being held in Nassau's fort, he comes up with a plan to return her to her father in exchange for trying to win his allegiance in turning Nassau into a self-governing colony.

Vane refuses to give her up or go with Flint's plan, so Eleanor Guthrie sneaks into the fort and smuggles her out, but not before Vane discovers what she has done.

Abigail meets with Miranda Barlow, whom she recognizes as Lady Hamilton, a former friend of her father. She then meets Flint, who identifies himself also as one of her father's old friends, Lt. James McGraw.

Miranda and Flint escort her to Charles Town. During the voyage, she keeps a diary where she reveals stories she was told about the pirates are being shattered, as she is seeing them as people and not monsters. She also appears to develop an attraction to Billy Bones, who seems to be likewise attracted to her. She thinks he seems out of place amongst the other pirates. Flint tells her of how Billy was impressed as a child and rescued by him.

She begs Flint and Miranda to turn around once they drop her off, as she fears her father will retaliate against Flint, for it was Captain Flint who murdered Lord Alfred Hamilton, Miranda's father-in-law. But Flint and Miranda do not turn back, and instead take Abigail ashore. She defends them against her father's men, and is reunited with her father.

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