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Anne Bonny
Anne bonny
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships Ranger
Relationships Jack Rackham (Lover)
Max (Lover)
Charles Vane (Ex-Captain)
Appearances First: I.
Portrayed by Clara Paget
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Anne Bonny is a female pirate who operates in the Bahamas during the early 18th century. Beautiful but cold-blooded, Bonny is Rackham's lover, and Vane's deadliest henchman. Her youthful looks mask a borderline psychopathic personality.



Most of Anne Bonny's past is shrouded in mystery. When she was a 13-year old girl, she married a man who repeatedly abused her, letting his colleagues rape her. One day, they were in a tavern, and a man saw Anne's husband hurting her. The man slit her husband's throat. That man was Jack Rackham, and Anne joined him. The two became lovers, and at some point before 1715, they joined the pirate crew of Charles Vane. Over the years, Anne became a cold blooded killer.

Season OneEdit

Bonny first appeared on the beach during the confrontation between Singleton and Mosiah. When she appeared to threaten Mosiah, Levi nonchalantly approached her with his cutlass. Levi's attack on Bonny failed as she quickly outmaneuvered and killed him.

After the confrontation on the beach, She went to the inn with Jack Rackham and Charles Vane. After talking about the captains plans, she bluntly told Rackham she wanted to have sex, and they headed out. The next morning, she was with Rackham when Max arrived and told him about the schedule of the Urca de Lima, and how she might how somebody willing to sell it.

Later, after Eleanor discovered the mistreatment of Max, and that Vane has had her locked up to be raped and abused by his crew, Eleanor told them that the only way they will ever be allowed to do business again on the island is by joining Flints crew and letting him use their ship. Anne is among those who tried to leave to join Flint, but was stopped by Vane, preventing her form joining Flints crew. As a way to repay the cost to Vane's crew, Max went into his services, allowing the remaining members of the crew to have sex with her for no cost until the debt was re-payed.

During Max's stay, Bonny became increasingly angry about how Max's treatment by the Ranger crew. She would eventually go talk to Max. She told Max that she must start fighting back and that one time a member of the Ranger's crew put his balls on her shoulder as a joke and that she cut them off.

Anne Bonney in camp S1E6

Anne outside Max's tent.

As things progress, Anne began to stand guard outside Max's tent in an attempt to prevent abuse. Despite her attempts, she was unable to prevent Hamund from mistreating Max. She knew that if she were to start a fight, she would be by herself against the remaining crew. Having no other options, she went to Eleanor and asked for her help. Together, Bonny and Eleanor created a plan to kill the Ranger crew. While she only wanted Hamund dead, one death would have drawn attention to one or both of them, resulting in the deaths of the remaining Ranger crew being unavoidable.

Her plan is to use John Silver to convince Hamund only half the pearls were lost during the events at the Wrecks. They would confront Rackham and Anne, who would give in and tell them where the remaining pearls where hidden. When the crew took Rackham and Anne to the "treasure" they were met by some of Eleanor's men, who slaughtered the remaining crew. During the ambush, Anne personally killed Hamund as he tries to escape.

After the death of the Ranger crew, she and Jack return to managing the brothel. While having sex, Anne points out Rackham is distracted. Jack admits he has a lot on his mind, including the brothel's finances. Unsatisfied, she left their room with him still tied to the bed. 

She later stormed into Jack's room while he was bathing, yelling about him not talking to her about letting Mrs Mapleton go, who told all of Nassau of Jack's deception. Jack calming tells her that her talk means little, as the only people who should care get a discount at the brothel, keeping them from really caring about Noonans fate. Anne becomes every more upset at how calm Jack is, then accuses him of having sex with Max before storming out. As she is leaving she passing Max's room as she is changing, and they catch each others eye before Anne turns and leaves.

After Vanes takeover of the fort overlooking the port, Anne walks in during the confrontation between Jack and their former captain. She watches as he tells Jack that he knows his involvement in Hamund's death, and how he choose Anne over the crew. Because of this, Vane promises to make sure they everyone on the island knows what happened, making it impossible for Jack to every have his own crew or be trusted by another. Vane then leave both of them in the brothel as the realizations of what just happened sinks in.

Season TwoEdit

After being blacklisted alongside Rackham, Anne continues to attempt to run the brothel alongside him and Max. Due to Rackham's new reputation, he spends more time sulking and recovering from beatings then actually running anything, leaving much of the work to the women.

After discovering that Max made a deal behind their backs, she became furious with her actions. Jack talked to her about the situation. After that, Max seduces Anne. She is upset and confused about her night with Max. However, she continues the affair, even sneaking out of her bed with Jack to be with Max. Eventually Jack discovers the affair and confronts Anne, telling her that Max is only sleeping with her to drive a wedge between them and manipulate her.  
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  • The real life Anne Bonny was born in 1702 in County Cork, Ireland and traveled to the Americas as a young child with her father and mother. Soon after arriving in the New World, her mother died. She was considered an attractive young lady and also possessed a fiery temper. At age 13, she allegedly stabbed a servant girl with a table knife. For her reckless attitude and thrill seeking behavior, she was disowned by her father as a teenager. Soon thereafter, she took up with Jack "Calico Jack" Rackham, becoming his mistress and partner in piracy.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • According to Charles Johnson's A General History of the Pyrates book, Anne Bonny was born in 1702, which would make her 13-year old at the time in which the series is set. However, she is portrayed by a 26-year old actress in the series, Clara Paget.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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"If you take it, they'll give it."
―Bonny to Max, encouraging her to fight back against the men who assault her.[src]
"Fuck you, Jack."
―Anne to Jack whenever she doesn't like his ideas or comments

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