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The Manual of Style is a guide for the source of information about the Black Sails wikia. Everyone who has a fonding to Black Sails can come to edit the articles and provide information about the series. The users can also correct the mistakes of others in the article, if there are suggestion or you need help about certain articles, you can ask the Administrators of this wiki.


Every article should have a name, if something has been shown and hasn't been identified, it should have the best appropriate name (for example, "British Merchant Captain" for an unnamed captain). If an article is not up to the standards, it should have a stub on top of the article.

The first appearance of the title of the article should be in bold type.


Images are useful to contribute the explanation for certain actions, character(s) or thing(s), for example.--->
The images that the users upload to the wikia, should be ones without the logos of the series where it airs.


Every bit of information that is provided in the wikia should be cited. It makes it verifiable, easier to track and makes it easier to summarize the articles and let it link to the rest.


In universe perspectiveEdit

The articles should be written as you are in the universe writing information in the article. Except for the Episode article and the character article's Behind the scenes section.

Spelling and grammarEdit

This is mandatory and self explained that the users on this wiki should provide understandable words with good use of spelling.

Character layoutEdit

All character articles should be laid out using this structure:

  • A Character box
  • A quote
  • Short summary of the character's article.
  • Biography
  • Relationships
  • Trivia
  • Behind the scenes
  • Notes and references
  • Categories

The quote should explain a little about the character itself. It can be omitted.

Location layoutEdit

All location articles should be laid out using this structure:

  • Infobox
  • Quote
  • History
  • Appearances
  • External links
  • References
  • Categories

Object/weapon layoutEdit

All object/weapon articles should be laid out using this structure:

  • Infobox
  • Quote
  • History
  • Appearances
  • External links
  • References
  • Categories

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