Vital statistics
Title Prostitute
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships None specified
Appearances I.
Portrayed by Grietjie Jordaan

"Blackbeard" (real name unknown) is the name given to a prostitute in Nassau. According to his crew, she "asks" to see John Silver as she supposedly likes to "meet the new ones".

Season OneEdit

Not long after John Silver arrives to Nassau, he is approached by members of the crew, one of them saying that he should not have to be involved as he is only a cook. The other states that it's not up to them, and that "he only meets the new ones". When John enquires as to whom they are referring, they tell him it is "Blackbeard". When they arrive to the room at the bar, one of the men advises him to not show fear; they push him inside and in front of a clothed figure surrounded by several women. John then notices Blackbeard's face and see's that it is a woman, and not the famous Blackbeard himself. When he discovers, and points out that she is not Blackbeard, she stands up and drops her clothes, showing John why she earned her name. Silver's crew laughs as they close the door and leave him with "Blackbeard" and the other women.

Bleackbeard Face

"Blackbeard's" face.