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Captain Hume
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships Scarborough
Relationships {{{relationships}}}
Appearances First: I.
Portrayed by David Dukas

Hume is a Captain in the Royal Navy, and commander of the Scarborough.

Season OneEdit

After taking the merchant vessel holding the scheduled route for the Urca de Lima, the Walrus retreats at the site of the Scarborough, who is away from her normal port of Boston. When the Walrus leaves, she is followed back to Nassau.

Hume meets Flint
Hume talking to Richard Guthrie

After discovering that the page containing the schedule is missing, and that they need the page to keep the crew loyal, Flint decides to go to Richard Guthrie for help. While the negotiations between Flint and Richard are falling through, Billy Bones looks out the window to see more guest arriving, Captain Humes, of the Scarborough. Guthrie tells Hume to leave, that he is interrupting an important meeting with sugar dealers, and that Hume can return in the morning. Hume instead states that he believes that he believes a strong society is built on rumors, and that the current rumors in London are that Richard is smuggling goods stolen by pirates. On top of that, he suspects Flint and Billy are pirates, and he is arresting all three of them. Before he or his men can do this, Flint and Billy overpower him, with Guthrie getting shot in the process. They take the injured Guthrie, and leave Hume unconscious on the ground with his men.

After awaking, he leaves Nassau and leaves to London, the home city of Richard, and puts out an arrest warrant on him.


  • It is possible that Hume is the historical Captain Francis Hume of the HMS Scarborough.
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