Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Hornigold)
Ships Walrus
Appearances First: XIX.
Portrayed by Richard Lothian

Dobbs was a Walrus crewman under Captain Flint's command, and a member of the vanguard.


However, after their most recent raid, Flint felt that he had lost his nerve, and insisted he be replaced on the next raiding party.

When the crew were imprisoned on the Maroon Island, several of the crew were killed before a partnership was reached. Later, Dobbs takes revenge on one of the ex-slaves. Quartermaster John Silver eventually brought the Maroon Queen’s daughter, Madi, into the fold. Madi swallowed her pride to maintain the alliance, and released her man with orders to say nothing. On Silver’s part, he had his men pin Dobbs in his bunk with a blanket and beaten.

However, to redeem himself, Silver gave Dobbs a key role in the battle when overwhelming English force attack the island. After clearing the beach, Dobbs seemed to betray the pirates. He leads the English into an ambush, where Flint’s concealed men began slaughtering them. In the ensuing chaos, Benjamin Hornigold killed Dobbs.

Memorable QuotesEdit

I sailed with that crew for months. Then they take the side of those fucking savages over a man who was supposed to have been their brother. Truth is, they didn't give a shit about me except that I did their bidding, so now I'm ready to see it end, and I can help you end it” Dobbs to Hornigold.

Image GalleryEdit


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