Dr. Howell
Vital statistics
Title Ship's Doctor
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Killed by Berringer)
Ships Walrus
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Appearances First: I.

Last: XXXI.

Portrayed by Alistair Anthony Moulton Black

Dr. Howell was a pirate and doctor on the Walrus. His job mostly involved him working on the injured crew after they took another ship.

Biography Edit

Season one Edit

Dr. Howell performs surgery on the crew, doing what he can to assure they survive. After taking a trading vessel, he works on the two injured crew members, but is unable to save Mr. Duffy, who was shot in the leg during the fight. He explains to Captain Flint that he tried to amputate the leg, but he died of blood loss.

After the capture of the Andromache, Dr. Howell is with De Groot and Dufresne when Randall accuses Silver of stealing the ledger. Howell agrees that it would be better to judge Sliver's memory in order to determine whether or not he has memorized the schedule. Howell does not think Randall's life is worth five million Spanish dollars, so believes killing Randall is better then taking the issue before the crew. While he wants his share of the money, he also has become increasingly upset with Flint's lack of transparency. He later joins the conspiracy to kill Flint after the capture of the Urca de Lima.

He is not seen during or after the battle with the Spanish Man O' War that ended up with the Walrus being beached, but he does survive the battle and make it to shore with the surviving crew.

Season Two Edit

Howell survives the disastrous battle with the Spanish Man O' War. When Flint tells the remainder of the crew his plan to take the warship, he, like many others, reacts angrily to Flint giving orders after all his wrongdoings.  Howell continues to act as ships doctor for Flint's crew once they capture the Spanish Man O' War. When John Silver's left leg is beaten to bloody pulp by Jenks, he is taken to Dr. Howell. Despite Silver's protests, Howell assesses that the leg must be amputated or he will die. Men hold him down, as Howell begins to saw.

Silver is later seen to have survived the operation.

Season Three Edit

Howell continues to act as ships doctor for Flint's crew on Revenge then on Walrus again. He treats Silver when his leg wound becomes irritated, advising him to use the crutches more often, as the prosthetic boot was not made for a wound that fresh. He tells Silver that if he continues to put so much pressure on that leg, the decay will progress and more of the limb will have to be removed. Silver refuses to use the crutches, instead insisting he will lean more on the ropes. During the storm, Howell remains below decks, aiding his crewmates who were injured serving above. He is captured with the rest of the crew by the Maroons and led to their secret city. He is held in the same cage as Flint, Silver, Billy and Ben Gunn. He is present when Flint tells them his plan to either convince the Maroon Queen to have the pirates be her allies, or hold her hostage with a small knife until the crew is freed. After Flint leaves, Howell notices that Flint left the knife behind, and brings it to the attention of the rest of cage, exchanging worried looks with them. He is later freed after Flint succeeds in winning the partnership of the Maroons. 

Season Four Edit

Dr. Howell is on the Walrus during the disastrous failed invasion of Nassau. He abandons ship with the rest when it runs aground on the sunken wrecks blockading the harbour. However, he gets captured by the Governor's redcoats, and is seen being hanged by the noose on the direct orders of Captain Berringer, just before John Silver returns and inspires the townsfolk to revolt against the Governor.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Mr. Duffy is dead. I removed the leg, but he lost too much blood."[1]


  1. Dialogue between Howell and James Flint in I.