Edward Low
Ned low
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Charles Vane)
Ships Fancy
Appearances First: IX.
Last: XI. (Alive)
Last: XVI. (Flashbacks)
Portrayed by Tadhg Murphy
Gallery Edward Low Gallery
"The truth is, I'm not a particularly skilled captain. Navigation is foreign to me. I have no gift for politics. So what am I good at? This is going to sound absurd, but I make the men feel better about themselves."
―Ned Low to Eleanor Guthrie[src]

Edward "Ned" Low was an English pirate in the Caribbean, and captain of the Fancy. He was new to Nassau.


Low waylays a ship called the Good Fortune that peacefully surrenders. However, upon finding a valuable hostage on the ship, Abigail Ashe, Low has the crew massacred and personally shoots the captain dead as the man pleads he has a family.

Low sets up shop at Nassau, and immediately tries to intimidate the head of business Eleanor Guthrie with a speech of how his crew know he is a monster. He later fantasizes about raping Eleanor to within an inch of her life. When his quartermaster, Meeks, tries to ally with Eleanor, Low tortures and beheads him in full view of Eleanor's entire bar, and then kills her bodyguard when the man tries to make him leave. Low makes clear he will eventually come for Eleanor and confesses he is a man driven solely by cruelty and instinct that he often surrenders to. As he himself says:

"When they see me slaughter the crew of the Good Fortune. When they see me cut out a man's tongue for lying. When they see me burn a boy alive in front of his father. There's no lie there. There's no remorse. I simply don't have it in me."
―Ned to EleanorCharles Vane subsequently kills Low for threatening Eleanor, and stakes his head on the beach.


Edward Low was violent, brutal, ruthless, and sadistic, with a love for violence and torture. While he was very bad tempered and often surrenders to his instinct for violence and cruelty, Low was shown to be cunning and intelligent. He was observational enough to know Vane was not a man to be crossed, and that Eleanor lacked the men to defeat his forces in a confrontation. He was also quick thinking and a very charismatic leader, as his crew followed him not for his skill in navigation or politics, but his honesty and strength in a fight.


  • Captain Edward "Ned" Low was a notorious English pirate during the latter days of the Golden Age of Piracy, in the early 18th century. Although he was active for only three years, Low remains notorious as one of the most vicious pirates of the age, with a reputation for violently torturing his victims before killing them.
  • The real life Edward Low didn't become a pirate until 1721, six years after the events of the series.


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