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Fort Nassau
Fort Nassau
Continent North America
Location New Providence Island
Notable inhabitants Benjamin Hornigold
Charles Vane
Population Pirates
Affiliation British Empire

Fort Nassau is the only fort on New Providence Island. It is a four pointed star fort, with a rounded bastion facing the sea. It guards the western end of the port of Nassau. Most of the battlements have numerous cannons to defend the harbor. While the primary entrance is the main gate, there are many underground tunnels protected by gates of iron bars. 



After the pirates forced the British governor out of Nassau, the fort was taken over. During the reign of Richard Guthrie as chief fence of Nassau, those in charge of the fort allowed it to fall into disrepair. Eventually, the Spanish grew frustrated with the pirates attacking their ships and launched the Rosario Raid, where they killed many of the townsfolk, pirates and slaves. Among the dead was Eleanor's mother, as well as Mr. Scott's wife and daughter. 

When Eleanor came to power, she wished to oust Edward Teach. To achieve that end, she granted Benjamin Hornigold stewardship of the fort. He garrisons the fort with his crew, and is fond of sitting in a high tower that overlooks the bay on his favorite chair. 

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