Vital statistics
Title Admiral
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relationships James McGraw (subordinate)
Appearances First: X.
Portrayed by Greg Melvill-Smith
"You are summarily discharged from service. No charges will be drawn against you provided you leave London quietly and are neither seen nor heard from again."
―Hennessey to James McGraw[src]

Admiral Hennessey is a high-ranking officer in the Royal Navy. He appoints young and up-and-coming Lieutenant called James McGraw as Naval envoy to aristocrat Thomas Hamilton, who wanted to clean up piracy in Nassau. He first becomes concerned about Lieutenant McGraw, when he sees him fighting a fellow officer who had insulted Hamilton's wife. Later, Lord Alfred Hamilton, the father of Thomas, brought to his attention that Thomas and McGraw were lovers. Admiral Hennessey had no choice but to force McGraw out of the Navy.


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