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Vital statistics
Title Prostitute
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Appearances First: I.
Portrayed by Lise Slabber

Idelle is a young woman who works as a prostitute in Jack Rackham's brothel. She is a friend of Max's and holds a position of some prominence among the rest of the prostitutes in the brothel.


Season One Edit

Idelle is first seen among "Blackbeard's girls", prostitutes gathered to entertain John Silver upon his arrival in Nassau. Later, she tells Max that Rackham is downstairs.

While Max tries to sell the stolen schedule to Rackham, John Silver uses her room to spy, while she watches, bored. When she asks if he would like her to do anything that would be worth the money, he turns her down.
Idelle S1E2
Later, after Max's deal is discovered and Eleanor and her have a fight, Idelle covers for Max as she sneaks out of the Brothel. After Max's escape, it is known one of the working girls was involved, but it is never stated if she ever faces repercussions for her actions.

After Noonan is killed and Charles Vane takes over the brothel, Idelle is sent by Jack Rackham to tend to Charles Vane's wounds. While talking with Vane, she admits she has little love for Eleanor.

Season Two Edit


Idelle remains Max’s closest friend in Rackham’s brothel, even as Max rises to replace Mrs. Mapleton as the new madam of the whorehouse. She helps her garner leads, which Max then sells.

After Charles Vane forgives Rackham and Anne Bonny so that they may sail again, Idelle tells Max of an influential pirate named Featherstone, who can be swayed to join Rackham’s crew. When Idelle suggests that can accomplish this through purely erotic methods, Max instead recommends that Idelle seduce him and make him fall in love with her. Idelle succeeds and Featherstone joins Rackham’s crew, along with 28 other men and their ship.

Later, Idelle finds the bodies of Logan and Charlotte, who Bonny has killed in an attempt to find out where the Urca gold is. On Max’s insistence, she helps to hide the bodies and protect Bonny from any consequences. Bonny remains in the brothel for some time after this. At one point, Bonny even tries to take a man upstairs as if she were a prostitute. Before anything can happen, Idelle intervenes and distracts the man, giving Bonny an avenue to leave the room.

Over time, Idelle and Featherstone have become something of a couple, although Idelle still works in the brothel.

Season Three Edit

When Governor Rogers re-establishes English control of Nassau, Featherstone accepts the pardon. He seeks reassurance from Idelle that she still loves him now that he is no longer a pirate.

However, he soon starts to drift back towards the pirates. When Vane returns to Nassau seeking Rackham and Bonny and the cache of pearls, Featherstone tells him that Rackham has been arrested, and Bonny is to exchange the cache of pearls for him.

Featherstone tries to enlist Idelle to betray Max, and find out where the exchange of the cache is to happen. Idelle is reluctant at first, until Max employs the hated Mrs. Mapleton as the new madam in the whorehouse. She finally agrees. Later, Idelle continues to spy for the pirates, providing them with the route which the convoy will use to transport Rackham and the cache to the Spanish.

However, Mrs. Mapleton eventually discovers that Idelle is a spy and informs Max. However, Max takes no immediate action against Idelle. As the pirate rebellion grows, Max seeks to let the drama play out and once again land on the winning side.


  • Idelle has a machete in her room for self defense.[1]

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Sure I cant suck your cock while you do that?"
"Um, thank you, no."

"Use my hand? Sing you a song? Something worth paying money for?...Fucking peepers."
―Idelle and John Silver[src]

Image GalleryEdit


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