Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships Demeter
Relationships None specified
Appearances First: II.
Portrayed by Martin Le Maiter

James Bridge is the Captain of the pirate ship Demeter. He comes to Nassau to sell his goods to Richard Guthrie, only to find his daughter instead.

Season OneEdit

Bridge arrives with a haul of goods, in tobacco and high-quality silks, and is surprised to find Eleanor Guthrie, and not her father as he was expecting, much to his crew's amusement. She explains to him that while her father is a fence as Bridge has come to hear, Eleanor runs the front end of the operation along side her retainer, Mr. Scott. Bridge insults the idea of working with them, but asks what the rate is to sell to them. She explains that they will pay him in coin, trade, or credit, and will charge around four resales on the dollar. Bridge tells her that's half of his profit. She admits it is a little high, but tells him the more he earns, the better the terms.

Bridge decides to take his goods to Port Royal, and that he hopes she is not offended. She tells him she is not offended, but he better keep his decision to himself. When James asks her why, her response is interrupted by Charles Vane, who tells Bridge that the last man who turned down her deal was never seen again, but his goods were the next day. The implication is that Vane had a hand in what happened, and tells the fellow pirate captain that he would be more of a threat then the last guy, and introduces himself as the captain of the Demeter. When Vane tells them who he is, and his ship's name, Bridge quickly backs down, and accepts Eleanor's terms and sells her his goods.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I was told Richard Guthrie was the fence in Nassau. Brought his ships down from Boston, hides his plunder in sugar barrels. But unless he went and sprouted tits, you're not him." - James Bridge to Eleanor Guthrie