Captain Jefferson
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Good Fortune
Relationships Fog (Quartermaster; deceased)
Appearances Only Appearance: IX.
Portrayed by {{{portrayed by}}}

Jefferson was the captain of the trading vessel, the Good Fortune. His ship was spotted and hunted by a pirate vessel, the Fancy.


Captain Jefferson, thinking it better to surrender then have his crew killed, surrenders to the pirate vessel. When his Quartermaster asks him if it is wise to do so, the Captain reassures him by telling him that most pirates are not as bloodthirsty as is told, nor the monsters as lead to believe. He continues and says that should they should be civil, the pirates will act in kind.

When his ship is boarded, he hands the ships ledger to the pirate captain, Edward Low. While Low's men start unloading the cargo, Jefferson asks Low if he is one of the pirates to call Nassau home. He explains to Low that he finds the stories of Nassau interesting, including stories that the business on the island is so well handled, it is managed by a teenage girl. While talking, Low's Quartermaster points out a name in the ship's ledger, and calls the pirates back. Low tells Jefferson that normally he would have respected the Captain's surrender, and spared them all, but he cannot allow witnesses due to the value of a piece of their cargo. Low's men then kill Jefferson's crew, then kill him before sinking the vessel.

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