Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Billy Bones)
Appearances First: IX.
Last: XVIII.
Portrayed by Robert Hobbs

Jenks was a pirate who acts as Captain Vane's right hand man. When Vane went ashore in Charles Town to rescue Captain Flint, he placed Jenks in charge of the ship with a skeleton crew.

Jenks, wanted to escape the city with Flint's ship because he felt that Vane's mission would not be successful. However, he needed a larger crew than the one he had so he enlisted Silver to persuade captured members of Flint's crew to join his own. Silver refused to cooperate so Jenks smashed Silver's leg with the backside of an axe, which caused such damage that Silver's leg had to be amputated. When Flint's crew rebelled against their captors, Jenks was killed by Billy Bones.

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