Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Flint)
Ships Walrus
Spanish Man O' War
Appearances First: I.
Portrayed by Winston Chong
Joji was a pirate who serves on the Walrus under Captain Flint.



Not much is known about Joji's past, except that he was probably born in Japan as he wields a katana. In unknown circumstances he ended up in Nassau, eventually joining the pirate crew of Captain James Flint.

Season 1Edit

Joji is first seen participating in the battle aboard Parrish's ship, cutting down English sailors after the bunker was breached. While interrogating John Silver, Gates and Flint threatened to torture the Urca schedule out of him, promising that Joji can extract information from anyone. However, Silver agreed to transcribe most of the schedule, then remain on the crew to provide the last vital piece of information, so we don't get to see Joji's very particular set of skills.

Later, Joji was seen having his katana sharpened, showing how extremely particular he was about the merest blemish on his weapon. He later listened to Billy's speech before careening the ship. 

Joji S1E5

As the Walrus prepared to board the Andromache, Joji was among the crew awaiting the moment to strike. As he waited, he kissed his sword. He was able to survive the initial battle, however twenty men led by Bryson had locked themselves in a bunker overlooking the cannons. The pirates were able to kill the remaining sailors when they freed the slaves, who unlocked the door from the inside. Joji again was one of the first men into the bunker. After the Scarborough spotted them due to an explosion, it opened fire on the Walrus, with Joji narrowly jumping out of the way of an incoming cannonball. 

During the final hunt for the Urca de Lima, the Walrus and Ranger encounted a Spanish Man O' War. Despite tricking the Man O' War into a position where both two ships could launch their broadside on it, it manages to turn. Both ships were overwhelmed by the Man O' War's cannons, with the Walrus wrecked on a nearby Florida beach.

Season 2 Edit

Joji survived the battle, and later participated in an attack on the Spanish Man O' War. The Spanish vessel was captured and the pirates sailed off. He was later seen fighting during Dufresne's failed attempt at taking a prize, killing the merchant captain after he signalled his crew to attack. During one of Silver's goings on, he was later teased by his fellow crew members, particularly Logan, for masturbating on the Man O' War's figurehead.  

Joji resisted Charles Vane's crew when they captured the Man O' War in Charles Town, however he was disarmed and shackled along with the rest of the survivors. He later joined his crewmates in retaking the ship. 

Season 3 Edit

As a part of the vanguard, Joji likely takes part in the sacking of the colony whose magistrate hanged pirates. He later boarded the abandoned Straight Arrow with Flint and Billy to investigate. Joji was seen with the rest of the crew when the Walrus is stranded in the Sargasso Sea, then captured by the Maroon Island community with the rest of the crew. He was released with the others when the alliance with the ex-slaves was agreed.

Later, he was among Flint's landing party at Ocracoke Island, and witnesses the duel between Flint and Blackbeard. Joji accompanied Silver and Billy to the tavern in Nassau as additional muscle, and stood watching by the entrance while Silver made his treat and killed Dufresne. When Dobbs assaulted a young Maroon, he was among the crew that locked them both inside a room, to prevent anyone else from learning about it. Silver then had the vanguard punish Dobbs, several men held him down while Dooley and Wayne administered a beating. He later fought in the battle on the Maroon Island and survived.

Season 4 Edit

Joji was among the survivors of the failed invasion of Nassau, having made it to shore in a longboat. Joji  is one of the first pirates to engage the militia at the Underhill plantation, killing the sentry as he sounds the alarm. During the standoff at the Underhill plantation, Joji sides with Flint and Madi as Billy and his men level their pistols at them. He fled into the wilderness with several others when the militia arrived. He joins Flint and Dooley in rescuing Silver and Israel Hands from the redcoats at the Wrecks. When Silver rode into Nassau to incite the townsfolk into revolt, Joji was seen fighting in the battle against the redcoats and Captain Berringer.

During the chaos following the takeone of Nassau, Joji stood guard at the governor's mansion while Flint and Silver briefed the newly formed Captain's Council.


He retreated to the Underhill estate with many other pirates to take up a strong defensive position against the Spanish. When the Spanish cavalry attack from the rear, he fights them until Israel Hands calls for a retreat. Having made it into the barn, the Spanish attempt to burn the pirates out, however they are in turn surprised by Julius's army of slaves. Long John Silver leads the remaining pirates to hekp drive off the Spanish forces. Flint then arrives with news of Madi's death, devestating Silver. He then orders everyone left to go to the Walrus, which takes them to the Maroon Island.

After Madi is revealed to be alive, the Walrus sails to Nassau and sends a reconnaissance party led by Kofi, however they are all captured. The Eurydice  slips behind the Walrus during the night. Woodes Rogers then brings the captured pirates and Madi on deck in full view of those on the Walrus. He then begins executing the pirates starting with Kofi. Flint orders the ship to get their guns ready but Silver has them belay that order. He then has Joji and Adams bring the chest of jewels on deck and hoist it up so Rogers can see it.

On Skeleton Island, Joji was one of the six men sent ashore by Silver to track down Flint and Dooley after they absconded with the Urca treasure. However, Flint’s used his cunning to fool the group into splitting up, then taking out three of the men single-handedly. Joji and another pirate eventually tracked him down. Pairing up, Flint took out the other guy, while Joji pinned Dooley’s hand to the ground without killing him, as if to say that he didn’t want to kill his brother. It was one hell of a fight between Flint and Joji, but in the end the silent and deadly pirate was killed.


  • Joji is the only pirate of Asian descent seen on the Walrus. Specifically, he seems to be of Japanese origin because he uses a katana in combat.
  • Joji appears in 35 episodes, yet never had a single line of dialogue. It's not even clear that he speaks English.

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