Joseph Guthrie
Vital statistics
Title Merchant
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Marion Guthrie (Wife)
Richard Guthrie (Son; deceased)
Eleanor Guthrie (Granddaughter; deceased)
Appearances First: XXXV.
Portrayed by Guy Paul
Joseph Guthrie is a wealthy merchant from Philadelphia, and the grandfather of Eleanor Guthrie. Contrary to appearances, his wife Marion is actually the real brains behind the Guthrie business. Jack Rackham arrives in Philadelphia to tell him of Eleanor’s death, and also to win him as a partner in revitalizing Nassau, while imprisoning Woodes Rogers for causing her death. However, Joseph is in the company his business partners, and wants to be seen as respectable. He rejects Jack’s offer and shows him the door, although his wife has other ideas.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the real life husband of Harriet Walter who plays his wife Marion in the Black Sails.

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