Vital statistics
Title Slave
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships John Silver (Ally)
Appearances First: XXXII.
Portrayed by Tony Kgoroge
"No one changes the world. Not like this. Not all at once. The world is too strong for that. "

Julius is a former slave and the leader of the bloody slave rebellion against the plantation masters of New Providence Island. However, will his powerful army of slaves be an ally for the pirates or a new threat?

Biography Edit

Season Four Edit


Julius, a slave on the Edwards plantation, looks on defiantly as the slaves are being cruelly disciplined, beaten with burning brooms, to instil fear against joining the pirate revolt after the raid on the Underhill estate. When word comes in that Nassau has fallen to the pirates, Julius leads his own slave rebellion against the plantation masters.


In the interior, Julius gathers a powerful army of former slaves, angry at everyone, including the pirates. John Silver tries to forge a new alliance with the plantation slave by offering up Billy Bones to their retribution for the part he played in the disastrous Underhill raid. However, when Silver finally meets Julius, he’s unimpressed, questioning the integrity of the pirates since Silver gave up a friend as a necessary sacrifice. Julius walks away with unclear intentions.

However, when Woodes Rogers invites the Spanish to sack Nassau, Julius decides to side with the pirates. Silver and his men are entrenched on the Underhill estate, under attack from the Spanish soldiers and cavalry. All hope seems lost until Julius and his army launched a surprise attack, forcing the Spanish to retreat.


In the aftermath, Julius and his men retreat with the pirates to the Maroon Island. However, Julius has no interest in Captain Flint’s ambitious war against civilisation that will echo across the New World, seeing only a tragic end. To him, the Maroon community is everything he’d dreamed of; a place to be free and safe for months, even years. In the end, Julius remains on Maroon Island after the deal is struck between Jack Rackham and Marion Guthrie that will keep the community safe.

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