Vital statistics
Title Pastor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Miranda Barlow (Friend/Intimate; deceased)
Appearances First Apperance: III.
Portrayed by Mark Elderkin

Lambrick is a pastor and the head of the local church in Nassau. He is openly against piracy, and anybody who supports them, including Richard Guthrie and his daughter. He awaits the day the Royal Navy comes and cleans the island, and believes his flock will be safe, as they are good with God.


Season One Edit

Pastor Lambrick regularly visited Miranda Barlow once a week to talk, their main topics being religion and the pastors upcoming sermons. The pastor informed her that her neighbors are beginning to gossip about her now regular visits from strange men, but Miranda told him its nothing to worry about. He also informed her that his congregation is talking of the Royal Navy preparing to retake the island, and he was worried for Miranda when the navy arrives. When he asked if "He is keeping you here", she didn't answer, and wished him a good day, then left.

After Richard Guthrie decided to go after Flint, he called for the Pastor, and asks for his sins to be forgiven, as he wanted to clean his soul of what he had done.

Lambrick and Miranda kiss S1E6

Later, Lambrick went to Miranda's house, much later at night then usual to talk to her about her relationship with Flint, as now that she had apparently betrayed him, he feared for her safety. She told him that Flint was a friend of her late husband, and that after his death Flint brought her to Nassau and looks after her. She then pointed out that the Pastor was seeking more than just to protect her, and that he had arrived late at night knowing she was alone. She then kissed him and removed her robe. The two then had sex on her porch, ending moments after they began.

The next day he went to a field and began to preach of repentance. He was sweating heavily and was alone as he did this.

Season Two Edit

Lambrick is seen infrequently during the second season. He administer the funeral services for Richard Guthrie.

Season Three Edit

After the trial and conviction of Charles Vane for piracy in Nassau, Pastor Lambrick administers the last meal to Vane. Vane gently admonishes the pastor for his holier-than-thou attitude, and refuses to ask for God's forgiveness.


"I understand the code you subscribe to. I understand you believe your violence is justified in the name of a defiance of tyranny, but there are mothers who buried their sons because of you. Wives widowed because of you. Children awoken in their sleep to be told their father was never coming home because of you. What kind of a man can experience no remorse from this?" - Pastor Lambrick to Charles Vane.