Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Anne Bonny)
Ships Walrus
Spanish Man O' War
Appearances First: I.

Last: XIV.

Portrayed by Dylan Skews

Logan was a pirate who served on the Walrus and Spanish Man O' War under Captain James Flint.

Season OneEdit

Logan is one of the first members of the crew to introduce themselves to John Silver when he takes him to the brothel under the guise that he was going to meet "Blackbeard". It turns out that "Blackbeard" is actually a uniquely endowed prostitute. Logan is a seasoned and veteran pirate. He revealed this when he provided first hand knowledge to the crew as they prepared to assault the Andromache. Once aboard the Andromache, Logan begins to question Captain Flint's authority. He openly questions the wisdom of Flint ordering the crew to remain on the Andromache as the Scarborough approaches. He is "saved" when Gates slugs Logan across the face, asserting that Flint, being the captain, demanded total obedience during a battle.

He is seen again while the Walrus is approaching the warship, he is the one to point the ship out with a spyglass. Logan is able to survive the botched battle and make it to shore with the surviving crew.

Season TwoEdit

While waiting on the beach to attack Vane's fortress, Logan sneaks off to go see his favorite prostitute, Charlotte. Once he has finished with her, he is assaulted by Anne Bonny who puts a knife to his throat. Logan tells Bonny that surely she must know who his captain is and which crew he belongs to. He then insults Bonny and she immediately cuts his throat, killing him.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Flint: We don't have time for a debate Mr. Logan, now I gave you an order.
Logan: And what happens when those orders get us killed?[1]

Billy Bones: No reverse on this on, we either takes Bryson's ship or..
Logan: I believe the word you're looking for is "fucked"?
Billy Bones: Yeah, thank you.[2]

Billy Bones: Gentlemen, I think we all know what we're up against today, so let's just get to it. As we close the distance to the Andromache, the captain believes Bryson will tack to port and set himself for a clean broadside volley. He'll loose his guns, pay off downwind, and continue running. Now, ordinarily, we would either match him and return fire or slip into his wake and make a run at his stern. Unfortunately, we're too outgunned for the former, and Bryson is too skilled a captain for the latter. He'll just keep shooting and delaying and shooting and delaying until nightfall, at which point he'll just slip away.
Logan: So, if we can't shoot at her and we can't get close to her, how the hell do we board her?
Billy Bones: We go straight at her.
De Groot: Without the bow chasers, we'll be sitting ducks for her guns. She'll rake us bow to stern.
Logan: Not to mention we'd be boarding bow to midship. For all you virgins in the room, that's also known as fucking suicide!

Image GalleryEdit


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  2. Dialog between Logan and Billy in V.

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