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Vital statistics
Title Maroon Princess
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships Walrus
Relationships Mr. Scott (Father, deceased)
Maroon Queen (Mother)
John Silver (Lover)
Eleanor Guthrie (Friend; deceased)
Woodes Rogers (Enemy)
Appearances First: XXII.
Portrayed by Zethu Dlomo

Madi is the daughter of the Maroon Queen and Mr. Scott. She becomes the lover of Silver.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Madi was born in Nassau, to parents who were both slaves. During the War of the Spanish Succession the port became a haven for English privateers, and the Spain threatened to invade. Her father, Mr. Scott, secured her and her mother passage to an escaped slave community on the Maroon Island. Her mother eventually became the leader of the community as the Maroon Queen. Madi remained somewhat estranged from her father, who stayed in Nassau to provide the community with supplies. She grew up in the community, with the expectation that she would one day take her mother’s place.

Season Three Edit


When Captain Flint and his crew are captured on the island, and imprisoned by the ex-slave community, Madi is intrigued by the pirates. She knows that many of them would know her often estranged father. At night, Madi has the Quartermaster, John Silver, brought to speak to her. He tries to convince her that they have similar hatred toward England. It seems to no avail, but afterwards she goes to her mother and voices her concerns. The Queen rebuffs her, but Mali insists on talking to her father, the ‘away’ Maroon King.

Soon the escaped fort slaves, and her wounded father, Mr. Scott, arrive from Nassau. A partnership between the pirates and ex-slaves is eventually agreed.

Silver is left behind on the Maroon Island to solidify the partnership, while Flint searches for new allies; Charles Vane and Blackbeard’s fleet. During this time, Silver’s leg gets worse. and Silver tries to insist on enduring the pain, but Madi convinces him to receive some medical treatment. The two bond during his painful treatment.

After Flint returns, having failed to secure Blackbeard’s fleet, he now plans to go to Nassau, and find pirates Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny and their cache of pearls. While there, Silver will try and recruit new men by revealing that Flint is still alive. The Queen insists that Madi accompany them to retrieve a store of guns hidden by Mr. Scott.

During the journey, tension flares when Dobbs severely attacks one of Madi’s men, in retaliation for killing several of the crew back on Maroon Island before the partnership was agreed. Silver, at an impasse as to how to proceed without tearing their alliance apart, eventually brings Madi into the fold. Madi swallows her pride to maintain the alliance, and releases the man with orders to say nothing. On Silver’s part, he has his men pin Dobbs in his bunk with a blanket and beat him.

When they return, her father is close to death. Mr. Scott soon passes away peacefully. The entire community mourns his death. Silver approaches Madi to offer her some sort of condolence and the two embrace as she cries.

Silver defense

Soon, an overwhelming English forces converge on the island intent of retrieving the cache. Madi insists on helping to lead the defenders of the encampment with Silver, despite her mother’s objections. In doing so, she affirm her role as the new community’s leader.

Personality Edit

Madi has lived in the ex-slave community almost all her life, and has never known the chains of slavery like her parents. She feels the weight of expectation on her shoulders, to eventually take her mother’s role as leader. Like her mother, her people follow her orders without question. Unlike her mother who is distrustful of the pirates, she is curious about them as a link to often estranged father. As the pirates and ex-slaves form a partnership, she slowly grows closer to John Silver. Her mother’s natural caution, and the community’s increasingly precarious situation, seems to inevitably mean she will step into her mother’s shoes.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"For as long as I can remember, I have been prepared for the day I would take my mother's place. To know that from that day forth, I would forever be the one who tends as opposed to the one who is tended to. You're frustrated. You're angry. You're tired. Perhaps no one else knows why. I believe that not even you know why. But I know why. The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand.Madi to Silver

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