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Maria Aleyne
Maria Aleyne
Vital statistics
Port Unknown
Owner Unknown
Captain Unknown
Passengers Alfred Hamilton (deceased)
Status Unknown
Type Square rigger
Weapons Several cannon
First appearance IV.

The Maria Aleyne was a merchant ship bound for the Americas. It was attacked along its voyage by Captain Flint and the crew of the Walrus. The reason for Captain Flint's specific targeting of this ship was unknown to the crew, although Gates later suspected it was connected with the captain's past.

Upon boarding the ship, Flint murdered two passengers on board. It was later revealed that one of these passengers was Alfred Hamilton, and the ship was targeted so Flint could exact revenge. Miranda Hamilton (pseudonym Barlow) had originally discovered Lord Hamilton's presence on the ship in a letter she received from a friend in England. Lord Hamilton's voyage was supposed to be secret, presumably to protect him from his enemies (specifically Captain Flint).

The incident aboard the Maria Aleyne was one of several factors that contributed to the mutiny aboard the Walrus in Episode X.


  • IV.(In flashbacks)
  • VII.(Mentioned only)
  • XVI.(Mentioned only)

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