Marion Guthrie
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Vital statistics
Title Merchant
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Joseph Guthrie (Husband)
Richard Guthrie (Son; deceased)
Eleanor Guthrie (Granddaughter; deceased)
Appearances First: XXXV.
Portrayed by Dame Harriet Walter
Marion Guthrie is the wife of Joseph Guthrie, a wealthy merchant from Philadelphia, and the grandmother of Eleanor Guthrie. The matriarch of a powerful enterprise, Marion may well hold the key to Nassau’s future.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Marion Guthrie projects the image of a genteel and docile wife, often seen sitting silently with her needlepoint. However contrary to appearances, she’s actually the real brains behind the Guthrie business. While the business appears to be strictly legitimate and Eleanor’s alliance with the pirates of Nassau is officially disapproved of, Marion is far from averse to such underhanded dealings.

Season Four Edit


Jack Rackham arrives in Philadelphia to tell Marion's husband of Eleanor’s death, and also to win him as a partner in revitalizing Nassau, while imprisoning Woodes Rogers for causing her death. Although Joseph Guthrie rejects Jack’s offer and shows him the door, Marion overhears the conversation and meets with him outside. She sees merit in his proposal but will need convincing. Jack returns that evening with Max. With the help of Max’s financial ledgers and feminine wiles, they convince her… but there is a catch. Jack Rackham must kill the one man who will continue the never-ending circle of violence in Nassau; James Flint.


With the deal struck, Max stays behind in Philadelphia. Marion sees Max as a woman to be reckoned with, however there is a catch. Max must marry someone easily manipulated with little ambition, but a man from society none the less to act as Governor. It seems an easy choice for Max who’s usually led by her survival instincts.

Jack returns to Philadelphia after his confrontation with Rogers on Skeleton Island, to bring word that Captain Flint is no longer a concern to them. He’s not dead, but retired. Mrs. Guthrie isn’t exactly pleased with the outcome, but Max and Rackham assure her that Flint is now not a martyr to the cause and will never be heard from again. Rather than marry, Max proposes another man as the new Governor of New Providence Island; Augustus Featherstone. Seemingly despite her reservations, Marion agrees to the deal.

Trivia Edit

  • Harriet Walter is married to Guy Paul who plays her husband Joseph Guthrie in Black Sails.

Image Gallery Edit

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