Mr. Milton
Vital statistics
Title Soldier
Gender Male
Status Deceased. Killed by Jack Rackham
Ships Roger's sloop
Relationships Woodes Rogers (employer)
Berringer (captain; deceased)
Lieutenant Kendrick (comrade; deceased)
Appearances First: XXXII.
Last: XXXII.
Portrayed by Kerry Gregg

Mr. Milton was a fierce redcoat under the command of Governor Rogers and Captain Berringer.

When Rogers learns that Nassau has fallen to the pirates, he orders his lieutenant, Kendrick, to take his sloop and deliver the captured pirates to Port Royal to hang. Although he agrees, he’ll dole out a little retribution first, for all those killed on Maroon Island and now for missing the battle in Nassau.

Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny watch as one by one the pirates are pitted against the hulking Mr. Milton in a fight and bludgeoned to death. Eventually, Bonny has had enough. Why survive only to swing in Port Royal ? She convinces Rackham not to name another pirate, certain she’ll be picked her next. And she is. In the bloody brawl against the English bruiser, Bonny is almost pummelled to death, but desperately manages to grab the keys, and free her brethren. They join the fight, and take the ship, killing Kendrick and his men, but Bonny is left barely alive. Mr. Milton himself is finally killed by Jack.