Mrs. Hudson
Mrs Hudson
Vital statistics
Title Chambermaid
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Woodes Rogers (Former employer)
Appearances First: XX.
Portrayed by Anna-Louise Plowman
Mrs. Hudson is an English chambermaid in the employ of Woodes Rogers.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Mrs. Hudson’s past. She has worked as a chambermaid for many daughters of the privileged classed, and for Woodes Rogers family for some years. She has children.

Season Three Edit

Woodes Rogers brings Mrs. Hudson with him on the English fleet heading to Nassau to reclaim the governorship of the island. She is to act as chambermaid and gaolor for Eleanor Guthrie. However, it is later revealed that six months prior to the trip, she was approached by Spanish intelligence. They offered her money to secretly spy on Rogers, and, when she refused, coerced her with threats to her children.

Season Four Edit

When the pirates re-take Nassau from the Governor, Mrs. Hudson seeks refuge with Eleanor and the remaining redcoats in Fort Nassau. Eleanor, who is revealed to be pregnant, concoct a plan to leave Nassau behind them by exchanging the fort without a fight, in exchange for Urca cache.

Mrs. Hudson rows out to Rogers’ ship to persuade him to sail for Port Royal, and await Eleanor’s arrival. Mrs. Hudson does her damnedest to convince him Eleanor is doing this out of devotion to him, but he refuses to listen and continues his approach. However, Eleanor makes her point by firing warning shots from Fort Nassau. It takes several shots to get him to leave the area… for Spanish Havana!

In the aftermath of Eleanor's death during the devastating Spanish sack of Nassau, Mrs. Hudson losses faith in Roger's ever bringing order to the island. After finding Eleanor's journal, she heads to the brothel to speak with Eleanor's ally Mrs. Mapleton. Mrs. Hudson offers her information from inside the Governor’s mansion that could help Mapleton get back on the council, in exchange for safe passage back to her children in London. In the end, a brief cutscene shows Mrs. Hudson back in London with her children.

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