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Mrs. Mapleton
Vital statistics
Title Madame
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Noonan (Former employer; deceased)
Jack Rackham (Former employer)
Max (Former employee/Employer)
Charlotte (Former employee; deceased)
Esther (Employee)
Idelle (Former employee/Enemy)
Eleanor Guthrie (Former employer/Enemy; deceased)
Appearances First: II.
Portrayed by Fiona Ramsey

Mrs. Mapleton is the older Madam of the brothel run by Noonan in Nassau.

Background Edit

Season One Edit

Mrs. Mapleton
After Eleanor Guthrie wakes up and decides to go downstairs, she comes across Mrs. Mapleton walking with one of the prostitutes, who is covered in bruises. When Eleanor asks what happened, Mapleton explains that she was with one of Charles Vane's men the night before, and that he had gotten rough.

When Elanor asks if Noonan knew about this, Mapleton tells her that they paid her fifty pieces, and that was worth some "few nicks to the hull".

When Jack Rackham attempted to take the brothel for himself and Vane under the guise that Noonan had sold it to them, Mapleton saw right through the deception. She quickly negotiated a hefty raise for herself in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about their deception. Rackham gave her a raise from 3 percent of the gross profits to 14 percent.

With Rackham struggling to run the brothel, Mrs Mapleton and the rest of the girls start riping him off right left and centre. This continues until Max returns to the brothel and starts to assert some authority among the other girls. With Max having shown herself capable of controlling the girls, Rackham fires Mrs. Mapleton and Max became the new Madam of the brothel. Mrs. Mapleton swears vengence on them all.

Season Two Edit

Mrs Mapleton bides her time, until one of the young prostitutes tells her what is going on at the brothel, with Featherstone having secret meetings with Max and Rackham. Mapleton then meets with Eleanor Guthrie, revealing that she has been hired by Eleanor to keep an eye on what Max is doing in the brothel.

Mapleton and Eleanor

She tells Eleanor that Charlotte has disappeared, allegedly fleeing with Logan away from Nassau. Mapleton knows this isn't true because Charlotte entrusted Mapleton with her savings, which she still possesses. She tells Eleanor that she believes Max and Rackham are conspiring to send the Colonial Dawn to retrieve the Urca gold while Captain Flint is taking Abigail Ashe back to Charles Town.

Season Three Edit

After, Governor Rogers has removed all resistance from Nassau, the situation in the port remains unstable. Max hires Mrs. Mapleton to renew her role as madam of the whorehouse to keep the prostitute in line. This proves a mistake, as it turned Idelle against her. Idelle becomes a spy for Captain Flint and reveals the route that the Governor’s convoy will use to take Rackham and the cache of pearls to the Spanish.

Mapleton and Max

Mrs. Mapleton eventually discovers that Idelle is the spy who helped Rackham escape. When she informs her, Max questions her loyalty. Mrs. Mapleton explains that she has no respect for Eleanor and believes that she is sowing the seeds of her own destruction. However, Max takes no immediate action against Idelle. As the pirate rebellion grows, Max seeks to let the drama play out and once again land on the winning side.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"50 pieces they paid her. That's worth a few nicks to the hull, wouldn't you say?" Mrs. Mapleton on Vane's crews mistreating the prostitutes.

"Eleanor Guthrie used that chair not just to vanquish her enemies, but to create new ones. Because some people can only understand themselves through the eyes of those who hate them. They thrive only on sowing the seeds of their own eventual destruction. Miss Guthrie has new clothes now. Miss Guthrie has new friends now. But to my eye, she looks the same" Mrs. Mapleton to Max.

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