Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Walrus
Appearances First: I.
Last: XX.
Portrayed by Richard Wright-Firth

Muldoon was a pirate aboard the Walrus under Flint's command, serving as the ship's gunner.


Season OneEdit

Muldoon, among the rest of the Walrus's crew, is on the beach cleaning the Walrus of barnacles. He soon begins to complain about John Silver's cooking, telling both Silver and the Captain that it's causing diarrhoea. Flint tastes some of the undercooked pork, and tells Muldoon that it cannot be the pig causing his sickness and sends him back to work.

Season TwoEdit

Despite half the crew dying in the failed attack on the Spanish Man O' War, Muldoon survived and made it to shore with the the rest of the crew. He is among the crew when Flint addresses them with the plan to leave the gold and instead take the Man O' War.

Once back in Nassau, Muldoon attempted to keep Logan from going to visit his favourite prostitute Charlotte, reminding Logan that they were under orders from Flint not to leave the beach. Logan was later killed, along with Charlotte, by Anne Bonny.

Muldoon later assists Dr. Howell in amputating Silver's leg, promising that the crew will take care of him.

Season Three Edit

Muldoon and Silver were down in the hold of the Walrus during the storm, plugging up small leaks with wooden blocks and sailcloth. When Silver nearly collapsed due to the pain in his leg, Muldoon attempted to help. He sympathized with Silver, saying he understood what it was like to feel like the one who will get left behind. However, during their conversation, a cannon barrel tied to the wall breaks loose and pins his legs against the wall. Despite various attempts by Silver to move the cannon barrel, as well as shouting for aid, he remained trapped. As the water level rose, Muldoon spoke of how he heard drowning is not so painful a death, and when he could no longer keep his head above water, Silver held his hand as he died.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I said I've got the shits! What part of that don't you understand?"
―Muldoon to John Silver[src]

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