Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Vincent)
Ships Walrus
Spanish Man O' War
Appearances First: XI.
Last: XVI.
Portrayed by Tyrel Meyer

Nicholas Irving was a pirate on Flint's crew. He and Vincent are sent back to keep an eye on the Urca's gold and to spy on the Spanish crew guarding it. When they arrive back in Nassau to report that the Spanish men on the beach have mostly died of disease, they are intercepted by Silver who offers them a deal: they are to tell Flint that the Spanish have taken the gold back to Spain, while another crew goes and gets the gold, giving Nicholas and Vincent a larger cut than they would otherwise have had. While sailing to Charles Town to return Abigail Ashe, Nicholas is murdered by Vincent who has sabotaged the footing line of the main mast where Nicholas is working. When the line snaps, Nicholas falls to his death. He was buried at sea by his comrades on the crew.