Continent North America
Location Province of Pennsylvania
Notable inhabitants Joseph Guthrie
Marion Guthrie
Affiliation British
Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and, in the early 18th century, was one of the largest and most important cities in America.

Name Edit

Philadelphia was named by it's founder William Penn, who wanted it to be a place where everyone would be free to worship their religion of choice without fear of persecution. Philadelphia is Greek for "brotherly love."

History Edit

The first European settlers on the site were Swedes, who established a community at the mouth of the Schuykill not later than 1643. England, however, established its control over the entire region, and in 1681, King Charles II made William Penn a grant of land that became Pennsylvania. Philadephia's guiding principle was tolerance towards all faiths. Philadelphia attracted people from all over Europe, with such Quakers as Penn especially well represented. The city developed a thriving trade with the West Indies. It received its city charter in 1701. By the 1720s, the population of American colonists reached 475,000. Boston (pop. 12,000) was the largest city, followed by Philadelphia (pop. 10,000) and New York (pop. 7000). Philadelphia's most famous citizen in the 18th century was Benjamin Franklin, widely considered to be one of the guiding lights of the Revolution.

Trivia Edit

  • Creating Philadelphia in the winter was not easy for the production team in the summer in Cape Town. While the characters wore heavy coats and appeared to be freezing, the temperature was in the high thirties degrees celsius.

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