Governor Raja
Vital statistics
Title Governor of Spanish Havana
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Woodes Rogers (Ally)
Appearances First: XXXIII.
Last: XXXIV.
Portrayed by Ilay Kurelovic
Governor Raja is the chief representative of the King of Spain in Havana, Cuba. He's invited by Governor Rogers to sack Nassau to crush the pirate threat in the West Indies.

Biography Edit

Season Four Edit

After the pirate re-takeover of Nassau, Governor Woodes Rogers makes the audacious decision to sails to Spanish Cuba, despite the current state of war between England and Spain. Met by Spanish soldiers at the dock, Rogers dumps the head of Blackbeard at the lieutenant’s feet, and asks for a meeting with the governor.

Meeting with Governor Raja, he will do anything to accomplish the destruction of the pirate problem; a problem that threatens Cuban interests also, and is funded with stolen Spanish gold. Rogers makes a deal with the Governor that’s surely an act of treason; inviting the Spanish navy to invade and sack the English territory of Nassau.

The Spanish invasion is devastating. The fleet of twelve ships unleash hell fire upon the town, killing everything in its path. Woodes Rogers joins the forces on shore, but with the Spaniards ravaging the town, he quickly realizes that he is not in control of the situation. Although many of the pirates escape, his wife Eleanor is killed in the sack.

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