Vital statistics
Owner King Philip V of Spain (Formerly)
James Flint
Captain Spanish Captain (Deceased)
Dufresne (Deceased)
James Flint
Charles Vane (Deceased)
Crew Unknown (Spanish crew; all deceased)
32 (Flint's crew)
Passengers Miranda Barlow (Formerly; deceased)
Abigail Ashe (Formerly)
Status Active
Type Man O' War
Weapons 124 guns
Battles Attack against the Ranger
Attack on the British merchant ship
Attack on Charles Town
Affiliation Spanish Navy (Formerly)
First appearance VIII.
"You think that ship's here on patrol? That she just happened by this place at this time? That ship is an escort. It's the only explanation."
James Flint to Hal Gates[src]

The Revenge is a Spanish war ship, formerly of the Spanish Navy, until it became a pirate ship under the command of Dufresne, then the reinstated Captain James Flint during the Golden Age of Piracy.


At some point during 1715, this ship was patrolling in the waters off the coast of Florida. There she encountered two pirate ships, the Walrus and the Ranger. Though the crew of the Walrus managed to fool the Spaniards into thinking that the Walrus is a Spanish merchantman from St. Augustine, the pirate ship later opened fire on the Man O' War. In the ensuing battle, the Man O' War managed to defeat both pirate ships, destroying the Ranger and heavily damaging the Walrus. Later, the Man O' War docked at the entrance of the cove where another Spanish ship, the treasure galleon Urca de Lima, was wrecked.

However, the remaining pirates from the Walrus managed to sneak aboard the Man O' War when the majority of its crew was on the beach, collecting the Urca's gold. The pirates successfully overpowered the remaining guards and took control of the ship, sailing for Nassau.

During the voyage, the winds changed and the crew decided to sail east. The pirates encountered the British merchant vessel which surrendered when the pirates hoisted the black flag. However, when the British captain realized Dufresne was not Flint, the merchant crew attacked the pirates, and Flint took command. The Man O' War opened fire on the merchant ship, completely destroying it and leaving no survivors. Later, the pirates voted to have Flint reinstalled as captain.

On the way to Nassau, John Silver was conducting the "goings-on". Silver told the crew that they were to moor near Nassau, but remain out of sight of the city itself. One of the crew demanded that they'd have a vote about where to dock. They were interrupted by the sighting of New Providence Island.

When they reached the island, Flint was detailing to Dufresne the reasons why they were mooring so far from sight of Nassau. He also told Dufresne about his intentions to reach Captain Hornigold and attempt to get Hornigold to act as his consort in retreiving the Urca's gold from the beach. Atop decks, Flint sent two men back to spy on the movements of the Urca's crew so that when he returned, they would know the schedule of the men they were going to be attacking.

Returning to the Man O' War, Flint's crew and Hornigold's crew have come together. Flint gave them a speech, stating that before they could achieve success with the Urca's gold, they must first neutralize the threat posed by Vane and his fortress.

Aboard the Man O' War, Hornigold is discussing the fortress's weaknesses with the senior officers. Flint asked him how long it would take Hornigold to rebuild any sections that were destroyed in the attack. Hornigold told him that it would take at least ten weeks. The fortress would need to be rebuilt as quickly as possible because the power of the fortress was the only thing keeping the British and Spanish fleets from approaching Nassau.

In the bay, Eleanor approached Flint's ship in a rowing boat. When she boarded, she told Flint what was occurring in the city, wherein Vane was attempting to turn the unaffiliated pirates in Nassau against Flint. When Eleanor suggested that Flint move his ship away and that he'd allow her, he, and Vane to have a sit down discussion, Flint completely rejected the idea and stated that he was absolutely not abandoning his position where he had such a good advantage over Vane.

Flint told Silver to go to the beach and to use his particular skill set to try and persuade the unaffiliated pirates on the beach to join his side and not Vane's.

Aboard the ship, Hornigold was expressing his logistical concerns about the coming attack in regards to the number of men that each side had to fight against each other.

Before dawn, Mr. Scott and Flint were talking aboard Flint's ship. Flint asked Scott his advice. Scott told him that there must be another way other than open war among the pirates. Scott advised that if the pirates were divided, then they could easily lose Nassau to either the British or the Spanish. Below decks, the men were poised to launch their attack against the fortress. Flint told them to open fire.

Flint and his gun crews continued to pound the fortress, taking huge chunks of wall out of it. Flint called for a cease fire and commanded that the men prepare to move ashore to storm the fortress.

Flint brought Mrs. Barlow and Abigail Ashe aboard the Man'o'War, taking her back to Charles Town to the safety of her father, Lord Peter Ashe. She wrote in her journal about how her preconceived notions about pirates had begun to change. Flint and Mrs. Barlow began to discuss how well Abigail seemed to be taking everything and then reminisce about how she was the last time they saw her, when she was just five, hiding behind her mother's dress.

On the way, Silver was giving the "goings-on" to the crew. He began to tell a story about the horrors that he had seen when he had last visited Charles Town. He told them about the gunboats that patrol the harbour and about an execution he witnessed of a pirate. Mr. Scott and Billy Bones were observing this when Billy revealed to Scott that Silver was just retelling a story from another pirate and that you couldn't believe a thing that comes out of Silver's mouth. As Silver was finishing his story, he saw Nicholas snickering in the back of the crowd. Following his speech, Silver confronted Nicholas and Vincent below decks, demanding that they shut their mouths and not do anything that might give their scheme away. When Nicholas walked away, Silver told Vincent that Nicholas had the potential to be a serious problem for them both.

Elsewhere on the ship, Billy told Flint that De Groot thought they can gain some speed by adjusting the sails, but since this was to be done at night, it was riskier than usual. Flint told him to go ahead and do it. As Billy leaves, Abigail asked about him, since his demeanour was not like the other pirates on the crew. Flint told Abigail that Billy's parents were Levellers from Kensington who spoke out about the impressment of men and boys into the Navy. One day, Billy was handing out pamphlets supporting the abolition of impressment when Billy himself was taken by a press gang. When he was rescued by Flint many years later, Billy killed the man who had captured him. However, he refused to go home because he didn't think his father would approve that he had become a murderer.

On the top deck, De Groot ordered Nicholas to go up the main mast and release the sails. As he was up there, Vincent and Silver were below decks and Vincent revealed that he had taken care of the problem with Nicholas. He revealed that he had sabotaged the footing rope on the main mast, knowing that Nicholas was going to go up there, thus leading to Nicholas falling to his death. Silver was aghast and ran to the top deck just in time to see Nicholas fall and die.

In the morning, the men were sewing Nicholas into his burial bag. Silver confronted Vincent about his decision to murder Nicholas. Vincent told Silver that earlier in the day Silver gave him a look that indicated that they should dispose of the problem. Silver denied ever giving such a look to Vincent. Later, the men above decks buried Nicholas at sea.

Soon, Flint's ship arrived in Charles Town harbour. Below decks, Abigail spoke to Flint and Barlow. She told them the reason why her father had changed from a reasonable man to such a hater of pirates. She stated that it was the murder of Alfred Hamilton aboard the Maria Aleyne by Flint and his men that changed his view and that from then on he would dedicate his life to eradicating piracy from the New World. In light of this, Abigail requested that as soon as she was returned that Flint should turn around and sail away.

Up on the top deck, Flint told Billy and Scott that he wanted them to stay out of range of the patrol boats in the harbour. If they stayed out of range it was a sign that they mean no harm. He also told them that he didn't want a single gun port to be opened and no men were to carry weapons on deck. Flint then told Barlow that he wished her to stay aboard because he feared that Ashe will see her as someone who was aiding a pirate and hang her as well as him. Barlow then told Flint that she was the reason Alfred Hamilton was killed because she was the one who uncovered that he was going to be a passenger on that ship. So she felt that she was as culpable of that sin as Flint was. Flint reconsidered and allowed her to join him in going ashore.

A man approached in a small boat from the shore asking for Captain Vane. Flint responded that he was not Vane and that he had no demands, but that he was a request to see Peter Ashe.


Deceased Crew


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  • Reliance MediaWorks was in charge of the rendering and design of VFX and CGI for the ships. Here is how the ship looked before and during rendering. [1]

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