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Royal Lion
Lion under fire
Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner Benjamin Hornigold (Deceased)
Captain Benjamin Hornigold (Deceased)
Status Active
Type Square rigger
Weapons Several cannons
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance VIII.
"Jesus Christ, Ben, why are your men firing on their own ship?"
Eleanor Guthrie to Benjamin Hornigold[src]

The Royal Lion is a pirate ship captained by Benjamin Hornigold. The name Royal Lion is a nod to the Jacobite political sympathies among Hornigold's crew (to which Mr. Gates refers when he mentions "his man in Edinburgh").


Season OneEdit

James Flint knows that in order to take the Urca de Lima, he will need a second ship to help in the battle. He sends Gates to speak with Benjamin Hornigold, and to ask him for a ship. Hornigold loans the ship to Flint, with several terms including Gates being put as captain of the Royal Lion during this mission.


Deceased Crew Edit



  • In real-world history, Benjamin Hornigold never had a ship called the Royal Lion. The last ship he sailed was actually a sloop called the Benjamin.