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Thomas Hamilton
Thomas hamilton
Vital statistics
Title Politician
Gender Male
Status Presumed Deceased (Suicide)
Ships Unknown
Relationships Alfred Hamilton (Father; deceased)
Miranda Barlow (Wife; deceased)
James Flint (Lover)
Appearances First Appearance: IV. (seen in painting)
First Appearance: IX.
Last Appearance: XIII.
Portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones

Thomas Hamilton was the late husband of Miranda Barlow.


Thomas Hamilton was the son of the former Lord Proprietor of the Bahamas, Alfred Hamilton. He was married to a woman known as Lady Hamilton (and later as Miranda Barlow), who (according to the gossip in London) was unfaithful or "of the cheating type". The truth is that Miranda had an affair with Lieutenant McGraw of the Royal Navy, yet so did Thomas, and both Miranda and Thomas were aware and supportive of each other's affair with McGraw.

When Alfred Hamilton learned about his son's affair, he used his connections in the Navy to force McGraw to abandon Thomas and the Navy. Thomas was moved to the mental institution, Bethlem Royal Hospital. Seeing his vision to save the Nassau pirates ruined, Thomas is said to have committed suicide. The news of this is given to Flint and Miranda by Peter Ashe, in a letter they received several years before the start of the series. Peter mentions that soon before Thomas's supposed death, Peter had visited him in Bethlem, where Thomas had forgiven him for his betrayal.

Years after Thomas's alleged death, Richard Guthrie discovered a painting of Miranda and her husband. He was able to piece together who she was from the inscription on the painting, and having heard the rumors from London, he correctly guesses that her lover was James McGraw, a man he then knew as Captain James Flint. Richard Guthrie mentions that Thomas Hamilton died in an asylum, while his wife and her lover fled London.

Thomas is also the one who gave Flint his treasured copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, with the following inscription on the inside cover : "James, my truest love, know no shame. - T. H.". Miranda held onto the book for a long time, before giving it back to James Flint to remind him of his past, and his love for Thomas.

The loss of Thomas and the treatment he received is said to be the initial motivation for Flint's 'war against England'. In When Woodes Rogers brings up Thomas Hamilton's name and his plan to pardon the pirates of Nassau many years beforehand, in XXV, Flint is visibly shaken at the mere mention of his name. In XXVIII, Flint tells Silver about his past with Thomas Hamilton, when Silver asks him "in whose name this war is to be fought".

In XXXII, during a conversation with Flint, Silver alludes to the possibility that Thomas Hamilton is alive, following an earlier conversation he had with Max. Flint abruptly refuses to contemplate the idea that Alfred Hamilton might have sent Thomas away, that Thomas did not kill himself in Bethlem. It is unknown if Thomas either did die, or if he is actually alive and, as Silver suggests from his conversation with Max, he was sent to a labor camp to the north of Florida.


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