Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Billy)
Ships Unknown
Appearances First: XXI.
Portrayed by Dan Robbertse
Throckmorton was one of the pirate captains in Nassau.

When Jack Rackham tries to rouse the pirates to defend the port against the imminent arrival of Governor Rogers and his Royal Navy fleet, he expresses strong reservations. Later, he’s the first to pirate to lay down his arms when Benjamin Hornigold makes his pardon address on the docks. He accepts the pardon.

After the death of Charles Vane, a “black spot” ultimatum is delivered to Captain Throckmorton demanding that Vane’s body be removed from the gibbet by nightfall. He brings it to the attention of Eleanor Guthrie, but she refuses, fearing it would undermine their authority. Later, his dead body is found hanging from a noose. This is the first act of the pirate rebellion against Governor Rogers that is secretly being roused by Billy Bones and his allies.

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