Mr. Underhill
Vital statistics
Title Merchant
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Killed by James Flint)
Ships None
Relationships Richard Guthrie (friend, deceased)
Margaret Underhill (wife; deceased)
Audrey Underhill (daughter; deceased)
Appearances First: XVII.
Last: XXX.
Portrayed by Russel Savadier

Mr. Underhill was a wealthy merchant on New Providence Island, who ran a legitimate sugar plantation worked by slaves. To protect their assets, the loved-ones of the slaves have been spread amongst all seven plantations on the island. A friend of Richard Guthrie, at the end of Season 2, he agreed to help Eleanor Guthrie in her plan to reconcile Nassau with England. However, before they could act on their plan, Eleanor was captured at Underhill's estate by Benjamin Hornigold and Mr. Dufresne, and handed over to the English authorities.

At the end of Season 3, he assisted at the execution of notorious pirate Charles Vane. In Season 4, he was finally killed by Flint, when his plantation was raided in an attempt to liberate its slaves and bolster their men power. However, Flint did spare the lives of his wife and daughter, but not for long because they will be killed by Billy's men soon after.