Toby Schmitz (born 4 May 1977) is an Australian actor and playwright.

He was born in Perth, Western Australia, attended Perth's Scotch College and briefly studied law at the University of Western Australia.  He graduated from the acting course at National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1999 and has performed many times on stage for Sydney Theatre Company, Company B at Belvoir St Theatre and Griffin Theatre Company.  He has also appeared in film and television, and writes plays.

On Black Sails, as Captain Jack Rackham, Toby Schmitz delivers a beautifully powerful & flawless proper British accent that he had little time to learn.  I thought he was actually British until I learned he's in fact Austrailian.  He doesn't talk like a typical pirate and I was wondering why, where Clara Paget as Ann Bonny has a very obvious 180' hard core pirate accent.  It's been said that Toby even speaks better than many Brits!

I saw a Youtube where the cast of Black Sails were asking among themselves which charator persona fit the actor best and they all agreed "TOBY SCHMITZ FOR SURE!" and elaborated on his Jack Rackham qualities.  I'll have to ammend this once I find the link to it so you can check for yourselves...

~> Kudos to you, Toby!

What do you think about this amazing actor?


Beautiful British accent!


Clara Paget & Toby Schmitz interview.

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