Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Jenks)
Ships Spanish Man O' War
Appearances First: XI.
Last: XVIII.
Portrayed by Adrian Collins

Vincent was a pirate in Captain Flint's crew. He was assigned, along with Nicholas, the task of staying behind and keeping an eye on the Spanish gold that was washed ashore. When he came to report that most of the Spanish sailors guarding the gold had died, he was intercepted by Silver who convinced him to tell Flint and the rest of the crew that the gold was gone. For doing this, he and Nicholas were to receive a large cut of the gold when Rackham's crew retrieved the gold. Whilst en route to Charles Town, Vincent sabotaged the foot-rope in the rigging in order to cause Nicholas to fall to his death. He had misinterpreted a look from Silver that he thought was suggesting that he kill Nicholas.

When Vane's men took over Flint's ship, Jenks attempted to compel Silver to make a list of those captured men most likely to join his crew. Upon surmising that those not on the list would be slaughtered, Silver refused, and Vincent was shot dead by Jenks to further persuade Silver to cooperate.

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