William Rhett
Vital statistics
Title Colonel
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships None
Relationships Peter Ashe (Employer; deceased)
Appearances First: XVI.
Last: XVIII.
Portrayed by Lars Arentz-Hansen

William Rhett was a subordinate of Peter Ashe at Charles Town. When James Flint arrived at Charles Town to return Abigail Ashe, Rhett and his men assaulted Flint and beat him until Abigail intervened, telling Rhett that Flint was actually an old friend of her father's. Later, Rhett shot and killed Miranda Hamilton when she confronted Ashe about his hand in her and Flint's exile.

He was shot by a canon ball from the Spanish Man O' War, as Flint and Vane escape.


  • Colonel William Rhett was a real life pirate hunter operating near Charles Town in the early eighteenth century. He commanded the colonial militia, and died in 1722 of natural causes rather than by the death of a pirate.
  • He is most well known as the pirate-hunter who captured the infamous pirate Stede Bonnet.

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