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Woodes Rogers
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Vital statistics
Title Governor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Eleanor Guthrie (Wife; deceased)
Sarah Rogers (Ex-Wife)
James Flint (Enemy)
John Silver (Enemy)
Jack Rackham (Enemy)
Anne Bonny (Enemy)
Madi (Enemy)
Charles Vane (Enemy; deceased)
Edward Teach (Enemy; deceased)
Appearances First: XIX.
Portrayed by Luke Roberts
Gallery Woodes Rogers/Gallery
"Let us be very clear about something. I am reasonable in seeking peace, but If you insist on making me your villain, I will play the part. So let us assume that as off this moment, the unqualified pardon is no more. From this moment on, any man participating in the act of high seas piracy, will be presumed to be one of your men. An enemy of the state, I will catch him, I will hunt him and I will hang him. And while I am aware of your feelings on the subject, I am no backwater magistrate cowering in fear of you. You know where to find me."
―Woodes Rogers to James Flint

Woodes Rogers is the newly appointed Royal Governor of the Bahamas. He heads to Nassau with the intend to take control of the colony from the pirates. In order to better understand Nassau, he takes Eleanor Guthrie to advise him; over time, their relationship grows closer.


Background Edit

Rogers comes from a wealthy English family, has inherited his father’s shipping business, and married very well. However, during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14), he led an expedition to the Caribbean as a privateer. Off the coast of Mexico, while attacking a Spanish galleon, one of her stern chasers fired a shot that hit Rogers’s helm. When the smoke cleared, his brother was dead and Woodes was badly wounded. He still has a jagged scar down the left side of his face.

After returning to England, Rogers seems to have been disgraced. However, he wrote a book of his maritime experiences which became very successful, returning to prominence as something of a celebrity.

Season Three Edit


Rogers is appointed the new Governor of New Providence Island. Following on from the work done by Thomas Hamilton and James McGraw, he is able to grant pardons to all the pirates in Nassau. He manages to raise enough finances for a large Navy expedition, by promising to subdue Nassau within two months. He also vows to find and return the remains of the Urca gold to the Spanish.

Rogers visits Eleanor Guthrie in her dank gaol cell, and offers her a full pardon in return for her assistance in restoring order to Nassau. He asks her for a list of men who can be swayed and those who cannot. She tells him that in order to civilize Nassau, only one man need concern him, Charles Vane.

On the journey to Nassau, Rogers and Guthrie grow close, often discussing his goals to pacify Nassau, and her history with the pirates. As they approach Nassau, they learn from pirate-hunter Captain Hornigold that the Walrus was lost in a storm, its crew presumed dead.

However, when they arrive in Nassau, they find a resolute defence flying the flag of Blackbeard. Guthrie convinces Rogers to send Hornigold into Nassau, to make a pardon address. Much to the pirates chagrin, most of the men begin to lay down their arms. That night, with English fleet blockading the harbour, Teach and Vane send a fire-ship straight at their line. Rogers’s fleet break their formation allowing them to sail away.

Governor Rogers has removed all resistance from the port, and recovered most of the Spanish gold. He quickly starts to form a governing council, composed of leading merchants from Nassau and the Governor’s men, although on Eleanor’s advice, Max is not selected. However, Max has made herself a power in her world the hard way, and enticed Rogers with her share of the Spanish gold in return for a place on the governing council.

Later that night, Eleanor and Rogers are celebrating their newfound wealth with a quick snog, when they are interrupted by Eleanor’s handmaiden, Mrs. Hudson. She admits to being a Spanish spy, that the Spanish know much of the gold was traded for pearls, and the Governor must return ALL of the Urca gold, including Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny’s share, who have fled.

When Rackham returns to Nassau seeking a pardon, he is immediately taken into custody. Eleanor persuades Max to help convince Bonny to give up the cache of pearls in return for Rackham. However, on learning that the Governor has Rackham in custody, the Spanish demand that both the stolen gold and the man who stole it are handed over. Meanwhile, Eleanor takes steps to secure her own position by seducing Rogers, even though he is distracted by the disease spreading through the English soldiers.

Episode 307 WR

Meanwhile, Flint is revealed to alive, and sends John Silver to Nassau to recruit new men, by warning the pardoned pirates to rejoin Flint or face his wrath. To prevent Flint picking up the new recruits, Rogers himself waits for him on the beach. Flint goes ashore and the two men feel each other out. Woodes tried to appeal to Flint's past, saying he is finishing what Thomas Hamilton started. However, Flint argues that he went to Charles Town to make peace with England, and Miranda Barlow was killed for it, so is now determined to ensure the separation of Nassau from England. In the end, Rogers decides to stop the offer of pardons, from now on the pirates will be hunted and hanged.

Episode 308 WR

Bonny eventually returns the cache, and Rogers prepares to deliver Rackham and the cache to the Spanish, departing Nassau in a convoy accompanied by a contingent of soldiers. However, Flint and Vane learn the convoy route through the prostitute, Idelle, and attacks it on horseback. After killing all of the soldiers, Vane shoots the wheel of the carriage sending it careening off the road. Rogers is quite badly battered, but alive. Flint takes the cache and goes on ahead, while Vane frees Rackham from his chains. Rackham and Bonny flee as they spot more of the soldiers approaching. A fight ensues between Vane and Rogers, but Vane is eventually outnumbered and arrested.

Afterwards, Rogers is confined to bed with a fever. Rogers’s last coherent order is to put Eleanor in charge until he recovers. He is still delirious when Eleanor fast-tracks the trial, conviction, and hanging of Charles Vane. However, when he finally recovers, he agrees with her decision.

Personality Edit

Rogers is a former explorer and privateer, who has circled the world. He is fiercely determined, a skilled naval strategist, and a cunning fighter not afraid to get his knuckles bloody. In many ways he and Flint are much the same. However, while Flint was disgraced in England, Rogers recovered from his own disgrace after the book of his maritime experiences made him something of a celebrity. He is astute enough to recognize that Eleanor’s knowledge of Nassau and the pirates makes her a valuable adviser. Whether his decision to take her into his bed proves wise remains to be seen.

Memorable quotes Edit

"If there is ever a time that I want to rebel against the king. It is when dealing with the insurance companies"
―Woodes Rogers to Eleanor Guthrie


  • Woodes Rogers was a real-life privateer and pirate-hunter. He is best known for succesfuly bringing the Bahamas under British rule.

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